Election Results: Open Letter to President Barack Obama


Mr. President, the easy part is now over. The time to preach the lofty rhetoric that you wax in both 2008, and again in your victory speech on the eve of your reelection bid ends now. Not tomorrow, or after the year, or when the new Congress take their seats, and especially not in the 2014 midterms —when you can only dream of retaking the house. Reality begins this very instant.  

The reality is that you no longer are capable, no were you ever, of changing the fundamental evils of American politics. Your hubris, inexperience, and presidential isolation cost you a once in a century chance to implement a change that people on both sides of the political aisle cautiously embraced.

The only thing that matters now are the results. Can you back us up from the fiscal cliff that looms in December. Because, while a Tea Party Congress shoulders some of the blame, the rest lies with you taking a long hard look in the mirror.

The time for excuses is over Mr. President. You are again faced with a Republican majority in the House. You don't have a mandate. The economy is improving, slowly. But it is not enough. Start making concessions. As I write this, you should be on the phone with House Majority Leader John Boehner discussing how to create a reasonable budget, and how to pass it.

Start by examining your cabinet, and then examine it again. You had hits, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was one to be sure. Yet, Tim Geinter, Steven Chu, and Eric Holder deserve a long hard second look. They aren't sharing any more blame. This time around it is all going to be on you, and that's something Democrats and Republicans should agree on.

To be honest, you are lucky to be getting a second look. Don't ruin it. The time for you caring about your legacy is over. You had your chance, and you blew it. These next four years, you will not be blessed with a learning curve. The fiscal, party, and even foreign policy challenges that you helped create will need to be cleaned up much more quickly.

What matters now is returning the faith that this country showed in reelecting you. It's about us, all of us, and not you, not anymore. If you think that you have the right to govern, as you did in your first term, then this country may head for the apocalypse that Fox News is all to eager to report on.  

Your administration, Senate, and party has whined and moaned about how Congress and its leadership creates an unbreakable gridlock. The unfulfilled promises, failed bills, and divisive leaders are not your fault.  

But with a second term Mr. President, it will become your fault. Because if you haven't learned by now, you probably never will. You have a chance to right the ship by achieving results through compromise. America gave you a second chance, its time you gave it one back.