Skyfall Movie Trailer: Critics Call New Daniel Craig Film the Best James Bond 007 Yet


Skyfall 007, the twenty-third installment in the Bond franchise, and number three of the Daniel Craig reboots, premieres nationally this Friday, and early reviews are giddy . Many outlets are already calling Skyfall the best film of the Bond cannon. Rotten Tomatoes is posting a 92% critic, and 98% audience approval; and they hate everything.

Previews for the much-anticipated film open on a hunted James Bond, presumed dead by British intelligence. All of the MI6 agent files have been lost, and one by one it appears that the agents themselves are losing their lives. Bond informs a creepily blond Javier Bardem, as super villain Raoul Silva:

“Everybody needs a hobby.”

“What’s yours?” Silva fires back.


Glenn Whipp of the LA Times has even gone so far as to say the film deserves an Oscar. Whipp wrote, “Consider the movie's pedigree: Its acting ensemble features two Oscar winners and two other actors who have been nominated seven times through the years. Its director has won an Oscar, for his first film no less. Its below-the-line talent vacuums up awards, making it a potential best picture powerhouse.” The actors he’s referring to are: Judi Dench as M, Javier Bardem as Silva, (both Academy Award winners), as well as Ralph Fiennes as agent Mallory, and Albert Finney as Kincade (both Academy Award nominees). Director Sam Mendes won an Oscar for directing American Beauty.

Jason Bailey, film critic for Flavorwire told PolicyMic that the film was, “Entertaining from start to finish. Director Sam Mendes brings his own sense of fierce intelligence and knowing wit to the series without mucking with the formula. The best of the Daniel Craig Bonds — and thus one of the best Bonds to date.”

We’re excited.