Top 10 Celebrity Tweets From the 2012 Elections, Including Justin Bieber and Donald Trump

The election became the most tweeted event ever in the history of social media giant Twitter. At its peak, Twitter saw a surge of 327,000 tweets per minute when it was announced that President Barack Obama had won re-election.

Compared to the previous record of 10 million tweets on the night of the first presidential debate, election day set a record of 31 million tweets. Celebrities across the Twitter-verse chimed in during the 2012 election season, sharing their thoughts, frustrations and political commentary. From Donald Trump's "end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it" type rants to jokes about reporters and election coverage, tweeters covered the gamete.

Here are the top election tweets from election day 2012:

Before election results:

During election results coverage:

When President Obama won re-election: