Model Diana Sirokai puts her own body-positive spin on the Kardashian-Jenner Calvin Klein campaign

Model Diana Sirokai is on a quest to show major fashion brands that you really can have a fantastic campaign featuring women of different sizes. She’s doing so by recreating current, iconic fashion campaigns with a body-positive twist.

The most recent example of this is Sirokai’s take on the Kardashian-Jenners Calvin Klein ad, which had the sisters posing in tighty-whities, tank tops and sports bras.

Calvin Klein/Karizza /Instagram

“As soon as I saw the campaign, I knew I had to recreate it,” Sirokai said in an interview. “The Kardashian-Jenners are one of the biggest influences in today’s media and I always felt inspired by them, but never felt like I could be as beautiful or sexy like them. When I gained my self-confidence, this thought no longer existed. I would like to show women that yes, they are amazing, but so are you!”

To help recreate the ad, Sirokai brought in fellow curve models Tammy B, Daisy Christina and Denise Mercedes — all of whom have coloring similar to the famous sisters — to mimic the poses in the Kardashian-Jenner ad.

“I hope these recreations will change the fashion world and [that] brands like Calvin Klein will use different type of models for their campaigns,” Sirokai said. “We need it!”

Sirokai previously recreated Gigi Hadid’s Stuart Weitzman campaign and a Kim Kardashian West photo shoot.

“I think size is not important, that’s what I am trying to show: I can be fat and still slay,” Sirokai said in a previous interview with Mic. “Ads need to use more body types so women can get their confidence back.”

Sirokai’s posts on Instagram have a combined 70,000 likes and counting, so clearly she’s struck a nerve with people on the internet.

“We need a change, and the reason why we need it is because women always look at other women and we start hating ourselves because we wish we looked like the other person,” Sirokai said. “We can admire someone’s beauty as long as you love yourself first. If we saw all kinds of models in the fashion industry, we wouldn’t think that there’s a problem with us.”

Sirokai said she hopes the people over at Klein see her photos and have — at the very least — a positive reaction to them.