2 Reasons Why People Who Voted For Obama Were Lied to


Disclaimer: In order to avoid false dichotomy arguments or Romney bashing in comments, I want it to be known that I have never supported Mitt Romney. Please save your bashing or gloating for someone that voted for him.

So why is America deluded in its view of President Obama? The president was re-elected under false pretenses. 

The two main reasons people voted for Obama are health care and civil rights. The purpose of this article is to educate and demonstrate why these are false reasons. Over 60 million people voted to re-elect President Obama. I want make a special plea to the country's minorities, the other 250 million people that either voted for someone else, did not care to vote, and those that are not registered to vote.

Protectionist Policies 101. The Affordable Care Act:

Obamacare was not written by doctors or people without access to health care. It was written largely by MIT Economics Professor Jonathan Gruber, and influenced by lobbyists for health insurance companies. This expansion in coverage requirements would be a positive factor for health insurers like UnitedHealth (UNH), Molina Healthcare (MOH), WellCare Health Plans (WCG), Health Net (HNT), Aetna (AET) and WellPoint (WLP), who would gain additional business and diminish competition. 

If you voted for Obama because you squirm when you hear the word "corporation" and feel that they are too powerful, prepare yourself for the medical-industrial complex. The government is in essence giving them more power. Who’s interest do these corporations most care about: their own or yours? A free market capitalist society benefits the end consumer with lower prices because there is more competition. Crony capitalism limits competition and protects monopolistic corporations' interest while overcharging us and delivering less quality health care.  

Civil Rights 101. Gay and Women’s Rights:

People voted for Obama because they thought women are going to be better off. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is a resolution to address women's unequal pay. This is a resolution for a problem that does not exists in reality. This fact can be demonstrated when the data is looked at more closely. 

When you control for all the other variables that would have an effect on pay (education choice, career choice, job experience), men and women make the same amount according to a video from LearnLiberty. When the social norms change, and men and women take on the same responsibilities we will see all women earning the same as men. As for now, the unintended consequences of this bill will be a bright neon sign on women’s backs that says “Don’t hire me. I am now a legal liability nightmare.” How will this help women? See the details explained here on this video.

As for gay rights, it is important to look at what Obama has done for civil liberties, and see if the lip service he pays is consistent with his actions. Let us look at what he did for civil rights in 2012. As a Obama supporter, do you support these policies? Were you even aware of them?


In May, Judge Katherine B. Forrest permanently blocked the government from enforcing the National Defense Authorization Act: section 1021, which codified indefinite military detention without charge or trial into law for the first time in American history. Obama appealed this and is still fighting to keep the measure to indefinably detain anyone he deems a terrorist suspect without due process. Without due process who specifically will decide if you are a terrorist and how will they determine that? If you have no idea what the NDAA Section 1021 is or why it is important,you are not alone. Most Obama supporters don’t know this either. Ben Swann sums up concisely how the media has failed to point out Obama's inconsistencies in this video

So much money was spent on this election to shape the image of a candidate. In the end, the image won the election, rather than a man whose policies were understood by the American people.

 My Humble Plea to All Obama Supporters:

Let us assume for the sake of argument that the president really cares about civil rights, and his rhetoric was not a ploy to divide and conquer voters. Let us assume that he really wants to give affordable health care to all. You voted for Obama, and want to believe in his image because it makes you feel good. I would never force or coerce you to stop doing what you believe is right,as long as you are not hurting others. I will try to talk you out of it, but I would never force you to stop giving your money to Obama or the government for the programs you want.

But I don’t want any of the government's programs. I am an emancipated adult. I don’t want the government to take care of my retirement, my health care, or my children’s education. Let me opt out of social security. Let me keep my own money and I will setup my own retirement plan. Let me worry about my own health care. I will take care of myself and my family, and acquire insurance from the free market. Let me opt out of public schooling. I will home educate my kids. Let me keep the 50% of my property taxes that goes to public education. If I fail, let me go out on the streets and beg. I will never ask the government for any help for these things.

If you believe Obama’s ideas are so good, why not give the rest of us the option to opt out. I was born here and I didn’t ask for this. There is no other country that I would want to live in. My family and friends are here. I don’t want to leave the U.S.

Will you let me opt out? Will you not force me,and government law is force, to pay for things that I don’t want? Will you stand by me and not send me to jail if I don’t buy into these things? Again, I would never force or coerce you to do anything you don’t want to do,as long as you are not hurting others. Would you grant me the same respect?

If you don’t, you are basically saying that my wanting to be responsible for myself and my family is wrong. You are asking me to relinquish my dignity. You are asking me not to be human to expect that I should be worried about society and others before my first born. It's against human nature to think that I should be responsible to strangers before myself and my family. 

You are asking me to go against my nature to want to survive and thrive. You want to take away my incentive to flourish and be creative. And when that incentive is diminished, what will I be able to contribute to society? If we do not take responsibility for ourselves first and foremost, how can we take responsibility for anyone else? 

For those who are unable to contribute to society, are they morally in the wrong as well? Since they are unable to contribute to society what will be their fate? How is this consistent with the ideas of everyone paying their fair share and equality? If they are forgiven or exempt for their wrong doing,not contributing to society, then aren't youcreating incentive to be a non-contributor? If less and less people are contributing, where does it all end?

The inconsistencies and contradictions are endless. As George Orwell once wrote in the satirical 1984 "WAR IS PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH." Will you let me opt out, for the sake of all society.

If you will not, please engage me and make a sound and intelligent argument as to why you won't. I challenge you to justify to me your use of force and why you are correct in giving your consent for Obama. What are your guiding principles? Argue from your first principles, rather from consequences. If begin arguing from the consequences then you can rationalize doing anything. The lesser of two evils, is still evil. Educate me on why I am wrong.