Florida Election Results: Mitt Romney Loses in Florida, Campaign Says


While it was known that Florida would be an important swing state, it was not known that it would also grasp the attention of the nation as it faces potential mandatory recount. President Barack Obama has been reelected for a second term, and he managed to do it without Florida's votes, which were still being tallied after the election on Tuesday. The Romney campaign has conceded the state to Obama on Thursday afternoon, but the race was a close one.

Some thought that a recount would be demanded. State law dictates that if the margin between two candidates is one half of 1% or less, there is an automatic recount of all machine ballots. 

The presidential race is not the only state race that could see a recount. In District 18, incumbent Allen West has been unseated by challenger Patrick Murphy by a mere 2400 votes. It is yet to be seen how the West will respond. West has been a vocal critic of the Obama administration, most recently lambasting the president for the attacks in Libya. He has also been rather vocal on other issues, with often incendiary and hateful language towards Muslims. 

Defense News highlights that if West does in fact lose the vote, he will be the third Republican member of the House Arms Services Committee to no longer be in the House. (Representative Roscoe Bartlett lost his reelection bid, and Todd Akin resigned in the hopes of a Senate win, only to lose that bid.) While the Republicans will maintain control of the House, the loss of West and Akin will open the door for the possibility of more moderate voices on the Committee.

Meanwhile, the District 29 seat remains undecided, as Democratic challenger Mike Clelland beat Republican incumbent Chris Dorworth by a mere 37 votes. This is decision will be sent for an automatic recount. Should the decision stand, Clelland, an attorney and retired firefighter, would replace Dorworth. Putting the cart before the horse, House Republicans had previously stated that Dorworth would be majority leader starting in November, with a possible promotion to Speaker of the House in two years. 

Finally, the propositions. Amendment No. 2 has passed with 63.21% of the vote. This amendment would provide property tax exemptions for veterans disabled during combat. Similarly, amendment No. 9 has passed with 61.63% of the vote. This amendment would provide a property tax exemption for a surviving spouse of a military veteran or first responder. 

Meanwhile, two of the more controversial amendments on the ballot did not pass.

Amendment No. 1, which would limit Obamacare in the state, has been rejected with 51% of the vote (a 60% majority was needed for passing).

Amendment No. 6 attempted to ban the use of public funds for abortions, with exceptions in the cases of rape, incest, or when the mother's life was endangered. The amendment was rejected by 55% of the vote.

The "Blaine Amendment" was upheld with the defeat of Amendment No. 8. This means that, (as stated on the ballot) "the prohibition against using revenues from the public treasury directly or indirectly in aid of any church, sect, or religious denomination or in aid of any sectarian institution" has been upheld.