Desmond Is Amazing takes us backstage at the Blonds’ New York Fashion Week show

Nothing can quite capture the unique frenzy of the sprawling-yet-hyper-managed backstage in the hours leading up to a New York Fashion Week runway — unless of course you’ve got cameras. And then you capture it all — and in HD.

For luxury apparel brand The Blonds (whose designs have been seen on Madonna, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, just to name a few), this year’s New York Fashion Week show featured their latest Autumn/Winter collection, and a performance by fashion designer-art collector-model-musician Daphne Guinness.

Phillipe Blond, one half of the eponymous The Blonds, opened the show as he does every season. It’s easy to get swept up by the frantic excitement — not to mention the diamonds.

So who better to help us soak it all in then our beloved friend Desmond Is Amazing, fresh off his New York Fashion Week runway debut walking for Gypsy Sport. We recruited the pint-sized fashionista to help us get to know some of the most pivotal players in making the show happen, including Phillipe and David Blond, lead make-up artist Kabuki and lead nail designer Jan Arnold.

Join us as we journey backstage at The Blonds: