Obama Wins 2012 Election: Americans Reject Republican National Agenda


As a liberal and Obama supporter I was reluctant to write this, but after 48 hours of reading the doom and gloom message of Republicans regarding the fate of the party, and after listening and reading Republican and libertarian pundits critique the nation’s opinion and bloviate how it is Obama who will have to change his ways, I feel obligated to say a few words.

To start with the majority of the nation has chosen Obama, , so the electors in the Electoral College will elect Obama and Biden to be the next president and vice-president of the United States. The Republican Party myth of voter enthusiasm was forever shattered after this election. Consider that voter turnout for the highest elected office has shrunk among Republicans for two consecutive elections. After Bush’s wave of compassionate conservatism led to a record number of Republican voters in 2004, the party has lost 4.3 million voters. During that same period the Democrats have picked up 1.4 million voters. Furthermore for this century Democratic voter turnout has exceeded Republican turnout by over 9 million votes, entirely attributable to Barack Obama. For those who do not believe that Obama has received a mandate of sorts, consider that Obama has garnered 12 million more votes than his Republican opponents.


In Congress, the GOP maintains a majority in the House, although the Democrats did reduce that majority, and the Democrats increased their majority in the Senate. The American people clearly support a two party system, but they do not trust it to be governed by one party. The American people have given this administration a second chance and more time to get the job done and with the fiscal conservatives in place in the House the American people are saying that the president does not deserve a carte blanche government.

However, the nation has also opined that Obama is the president and as the president it is the Republican Party whose methods will be called into question if we see more of the same. Obama did not have four years to address the important issues facing the country. He had two, and was on his way to becoming one of the best presidents in modern history. After the historic election of 2008, he immediately sought to stop the economy from failing signing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in his first 30 days. Within a year, we had stopped the hemorrhaging of jobs.

He then turned his eyes to the boogeyman of health care and within a year had accomplished what every president before him had sought and failed to do, implement universal health care. He helped bail out the auto industry and implemented safeguards in the financial market to prevent the type of meltdown that occurred in 2008. He was on his way to history and the Republicans could not have that happen otherwise the party would be doomed for the next 10 to 20 years, so they opted to shut down the government. And so starting in 2011 that is what they did and it cost us jobs, time and our credit rating. A good faith message has been sent to Obama by the American people; however it is the Republican Party that needs to mend its way.