Amendment 64 in Colorado: Marijuana Legalization Will Create Jobs and Raise Revenue


Here’s your meme: move to Colorado, because we just legalized weed. Well, sort of. Nearly 55% of voters statewide approved a constitutional amendment to establish regulations for recreational marijuana.

"Singer smoke it / And players of instruments too / Legalize it, yeah, yeah / That's the best thing you can do / Doctors smoke it / Nurses smoke it / Judges smoke it / Even the lawyers too / Legalize it - don't criticize it / Legalize it and I will advertise it / It's good for the flu / It's good for asthma / Good for tuberculosis / Even umara composis [Note: The internet doesn’t know what this is, but suggests it might be related to menstrual cramps]."

Establish regulations for the growth and sale of recreational marijuana by state-regulated licensed single-use establishments (dispensaries cannot sell recreational marijuana), and regulations for production of industrial hemp. Like alcohol, allow adults of 21 years of age or older to purchase, transport, use, and share one ounce or less, and to grow up to six plants. Require the state legislature to create a layered excise tax on marijuana (to be approved in a separate statewide vote). Require the first $40 million in annual revenue from this tax to go to a state fund for public school construction.

You can read the full text of both the ballot question and the initiative here.