Third Party Politics: 16 Issues That Form the Core of My New Centrist Party


It has become too tedious and unsatisfying to be a Republican. I can no longer live with the outrageous positions of the far right relating to social issues. The time has come for a new political party to emerge that is more centrist and accommodating to every white person and person of color, both sexes, young and old, and all reasonable people. I’ve named it the Centrist Party to avoid any misconceptions about its political objectives. The party will target the silent majority that has been too silent for too long, and independents that are lost souls looking for others of like mind. The mantra of the party will be fiscal moderation, social tolerance, and smaller, less intrusive government.

Let’s consider the major positions of the Centrist Party platform. Be patient and do not abandon this concept if you do not agree with every plank in the platform. Consider the totality of what is being presented.

The Platform of the Centrist Party

1Fiscal responsibility

The federal government has reported large deficits for several years. Centrists believe this is unacceptable and a balanced budget is attainable if waste and inefficiencies are eliminated, entitlement programs such as Social Security Medicare are reformed, and tax benefits to the affluent are drastically pared back. If the budget cannot be balanced after these actions, the wealthy will have to accept an increased income tax rate.

2. Gay marriage

All Americans are equal and entitled to the same rights including the right to find happiness in marriage.

3. A woman’s right to choose

Women will be able to make their own decisions about abortion unconditionally.

4. Education

Parents should have the ability to choose schools for their children using vouchers. No child should be held hostage at an underperforming institution. Schools are for children, teachers, and parents, not teacher unions. Teachers will be evaluated regularly using well-conceived standards.

5. Energy policy

Until efficient sources of energy are invented or discovered, the U.S. will continue to drill for more fossil fuel to minimize the impact of imported oil on our country.

6. Immigration

The inflow of illegal aliens must be stopped immediately. All those already in the country will be given a roadmap to citizenship assuming they are working, paying taxes, and obeying the laws of the land.

7. Defense

Defense is one of this country’s most important strengths. The U.S. will lead the rest of the world by example and with military might, when necessary, to ensure our security.

8. Campaign reform

Without trampling on the Constitution, we will find a way to decrease the influence of large political contributors. Barring TV ads for political purposes that are paid by the candidates (as opposed to outside organizations) is one idea..

9. The right to bear arms

This right will be absolutely protected.

10. Voting rights

The right to vote must be guaranteed for all citizens. However, our voting system needs to be refreshed. It has become increasingly more difficult to vote in the country, especially in heavily populated areas. In this regard, Americans should have a universal ID that can be used to identify qualified voters and for other purposes.

11. Senate filibuster

This senatorial tactic must be eliminated immediately. It has created gridlock and inefficiency in our government.

12. Privacy

Americans have a right to a private life. Appropriate authorities must approve all intrusions by the government and private industry into our private lives.

13. Infrastructure.  

The country must rebuild its infrastructure in the 21stcentury and make it secure against terrorism and natural disasters.

14. The financial system

Our banks need to be strong and profitable. But, the industry must be regulated to prevent abuses and fraud.

15. Nuclear proliferation

The U.S. must do everything possible to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons in the world.

16. Jobs 

Every able-bodied person in America should have a job. The federal governments must guarantee these positions. Unless a person works, he or she will not be given assistance, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

This list is hardly complete, so I would appreciate any additions you might have below.