Marc Jacobs proposes to his boyfriend with a flash mob at — wait for it — Chipotle

You didn’t expect Marc Jacobs, a designer who’s favored oversized, over-the-top, dramatic-on-top-of-dramatic fashion lately, to be subtle with his proposal to his boyfriend now, did you?

Good. Cuz he wasn’t.

In a moment he revealed on Instagram Wednesday night, Jacobs decided to propose to his boyfriend, model and candlemaker Charly “Char” Defrancesco, in a decidedly grand way.

For the life-changing event, he organized a flash mob, who danced in synchronized movements to Prince’s “Kiss” before Jacobs dropped to one knee and asked the big question: “Charly Defrancesco, will you marry me?”

And oh yeah, here’s the best part: The whole thing took place in a Chipotle. You know, the burrito place. How romantic.

Luckily the whole thing was captured on video. “And this happened...” Jacobs wrote on Instagram. Over on Defrancesco’s Instagram, he captioned the video with: “GET READY FOR THE ALL TIME GAG!!!!!”

The wedding, we imagine, will be just as iconic.