What Melania Trump wore her 64th week as first lady — the one time she appeared at the White House

While the president is tweeting, the first lady is, well, doing her job. Appearing just once this week during a White House talk with local middle-school students, the first lady continued to fulfill her duties amid a constant swirl of panic-inducing and straight-up gross rumors surrounding her husband. It’s chill.

This is what she wore:

Monday, April 9: A low-key patriotic outfit for a White House discussion

Melania Trump speaks during a discussion with students at the White House.

For speaking to a group of 13 middle-school students at the White House, Melania Trump opted for a more casual outfit than what she usually wears, pairing a red crew-neck sweater with a denim skirt featuring a zipper straight down the front by Italian brand Agnona.

Melania Trump spoke to students Tuesday about the issues they are facing.

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