World War Z Movie: Zombie Apocalypse Movie Definitely Will Not Be PG13


Besides Brad Pitt’s long hair making a comeback, and this being yet another blow-up-skyscrapers-in-a-densely-populated-city kind of movie, the World War Z trailer doesn’t put the newest summer 2013 movie in that bad of a light. Sure the tower of bodies piling up against a wall, as seen in the trailer, isn’t all that realistic, nor is a worldwide attack all that likely, but the premise still looks like this will make for an action-packed thriller.

The newly released trailer shows Pitt holding his family tightly as he weaves through traffic, dodging the monsters that seem to come from the sky, whilst avoiding fleeing civilians and exploding buildings. The trailer focuses on Pitt defending his family from the dangerous apocalyptic scenes as well as him taking on the role of the protective father. Sound familiar? (Cough, Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds). 

What does the “Z” stand for? Rumor has it it stands for “zombie,” so perhaps those climbers are the undead making an appearance. The movie is an adaptation of the book by renowned zombie author Max Brooks, so signs points to zombies indeed. Director Marc Forster previously directed the James Bond flick Quantum of Solace, which was a hit, so this film will probably follow suit. It might be a bit too much for young kids, but will certainly be entertaining.

Will this be War of the Worlds take two? Watch the trailer and judge for yourself. World War Z hits theaters June 21, 2013.