Ben Rhodes and Jake Sullivan: If Trump fires Mueller, it will be an emergency. Take action.


Ben Rhodes and Jake Sullivan want you to know that President Donald Trump could get away with firing special counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

It all depends on whether or not you take immediate action.

“The day after Donald Trump fires Bob Mueller and Rod Rosenstein, he’s going to be counting on you... to just shrug it off as yet another political controversy, yet another us-versus-them fight in Washington,” Rhodes, a former adviser to President Barack Obama during his administration, told Mic. “But I think we have to treat this like the emergency that it is.”

“We all hear so much about Russia all the time that it’s really easy to start to tune it out, because you just want to move on,” Sullivan, a former senior adviser to Hillary Clinton, told Mic. “But the fact is, this is an ongoing threat.”

In their exclusive video op-ed for Mic, Sullivan and Rhodes, the co-chairs of National Security Action, give concerned Americans their playbook for how to take immediate action in the aftermath if Trump fires Mueller.

“The day after, you should make your voices heard, whether that’s attending a protest or rallies, or that’s calling your member of Congress, whether that’s writing an op-ed for your local paper, whether that’s talking to your family members and saying that ‘this is not the America that I want to live in,’” Rhodes said. “But then it gets even more important on the second day and the third day and the fourth day. Particularly if this Congress is not acting, they’ll be counting on those people who went to those protests to go home and to give up.”

He added, “We have seen no action from Congress to check President Trump. They could pass a law protecting this special counsel, but they have made clear that they are not going to do that, and that makes it incumbent on American citizens to raise our voices.”

“And that’s why hundreds of thousands of people have gone and signed up at to promise that they’re going to go out to one of 900 locations around the country and protest if Trump goes ahead and fires either Rod Rosenstein or Bob Mueller,” Sullivan said.

He added, “It’s all of our duty, it’s all of our responsibility as Americans to send Donald Trump a message that we the people will defend the rule of law.”

Watch Ben Rhodes and Jake Sullivan’s exclusive op-ed for Mic above. And to find out how you can take action, head to TrumpIsNotAboveTheLaw.