Obamas Reelection Layoffs: Papa Johns, Applebees and the Companies Where Obama Reelection Will Get You Fired


Obama getting to keep his job means employees do not get to keep theirs, according to some business owners. The reasons range from Obamacare to Obama's hostility to coal. 

Whether it's animosity toward the president or true reactions to approaching market conditions is something opposing lawyers on the sides of the ex-employees and employers will probably debate for months. Some places are feeling a shake-up sooner than later. 

Here are four businesses where Obama's reelection could get you fired.

1. Westgate Resorts

In early October, CEO Dave Siegel — of this real estate and timeshare company — sent out a letter to employees saying that he would be forced to fire people and reduce benefits if Obama is reelected, and gets to put forth his tax policies. He goes on to say that Obama's policies destroy his incentives and he would just end up firing everyone so as to retire on a Carribbean beach with no employees at all. At least, if your fired you could ask to stay for a while at his house, he certainly has room.

2. Papa John's

CEO John Schnatter has re-stated that he will have to reduce workers hours now that Obama has been reelected, because of Obamacare. He also stated that some of the cost will be passed onto the consumers as well with prices going up between 11 and 14 cents. While he does claim the health law to have a negative effect on his business, he has not stated that he is against it and has gone out of his way to say that everyone getting insurance is a good thing.

3. Applebee's: 

Apple-Metro CEO Zane Tankel is the franchise owner of over 40 Applebee's in New York. His plan to avoid effects of the Affordable Care Act is to completely stop hiring any more people at all or build anymore restaurants. Of course, it remains to be seen if he can really stand to implement and stomach such a no-growth plan.

4. Murray Energy: 

Robert Murray fired a total of 156 people from American Coal and Utah American Energy. His reason was that “America has betrayed coal miners” and that the reelection means a continuation of the “war on coal.” Murray should probably pay more attention to the natural gas boom if he wants real reasons as to why his business could be hurting.