Saturday Night Live Recap: Anne Hathaway Hosts, Rihanna Sings and Romney Drinks


This weekend, anyone that tuned in this Saturday for this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, got a little taste of what we should expect in Les Misérables. In her third time hosting SNL, Anne Hathaway used her chords and proved that acting is not her only gift. If people weren’t excited about "Les Mis" before, Hathaway’s monologue should change everyone’s minds. The girl can sing, and with exceptional timing, dominated every joke she delivered.


Now with the elections safely behind us, the SNL cast took Mitt Romney’s defeat to another level. The cold open shows us a sad and moping Romney’s as he drinks away his loss (his poison of choice is milk) while standing outside on his balcony. With visitors like Karl Rove, three of his sons (all played by Taran Killam), and Ann Romney, this sketch isn’t over the top but very effective.

One of the best sketches of the night was "Homeland." Anne Hathaway was Carrie, Taran Killam played Brody, and Bill Hader was a fabulous Saul. In between Carrie’s crying faces, Brody’s raspy whispers through his barely open mouth, and Saul’s insistence on Carrie being the one to interrogate people is just hilarious.

Pretty soon, we are going to see everyone dancing the sloppy swish. There are really no words to describe Taran Killam being Mokiki other than wow. This song is contagious, and watching Anne Hathaway transform into Mokiki’s love interest is just the icing on the cake.

This was a fantastic episode. There were laughs all around, and there wasn’t any sketch that really disappointed. Rihanna’s performances were solid, I highly recommend for anyone who didn’t watch it to take a few minutes to watch Anne Hathaway and the rest of the cast kill it.