Presidential Candidates 2016: 10 Democrats Who Might Be the Next Presidential Nominee


Now that the long 2012 presidential election has concluded, it is no surprise that politicians are preparing for 2016. Obama’s victory means this will be his final term as president, leaving a window of opportunity for Democratic presidential hopefuls. Here is a list of possible candidates to keep a close watch on for the 2016 Democratic presidential ticket.

1. Hillary Clinton

President Obama’s Secretary of State is no stranger to the political arena. Clinton was Former First lady under her husband Bill Clinton from 1993-2001. Bill has been a strong supporter of the Obama campaign and gave a noteworthy speech at the Democratic National Convention in September. As for Hillary, she ran for the Democratic nomination in 2008, but who’s to say she will not try again in 2016? She has become a prominent female figure in politics, which will definitely give her great advantage for securing the female vote.

2. Joe Biden

Current Vice President Joe Biden has already sought the presidency twice, but would the third time be the charm?? After casting his ballot on Election Day, Biden was asked if this was going to be the last time he would vote for himself. He briefly replied, “No, I don’t think so.” What could be his disadvantage? His age. Biden will be 73 by the time the 2016 Election season is underway, which may make it difficult to campaign against younger competitors.

3. Andrew Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may have his sights set on 2016. Between his performance on Hurricane Sandy relief, and his former cabinet position as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Clinton Administration, he may have the leverage he needs to form a strong campaign.

4. Beau Biden

Beau Biden is the son of the vice president, so needless to say he has a strong advantage to receiving political endorsements. He is the Delaware Attorney General, and is a Major in the Army National Guard. Beau has made television appearances expressing praise for his father’s performance in the VP debate. He has also made speeches at the past two Democratic National Conventions.

5. Martin O’Malley

The Maryland Governor gave an address at the DNC, and is the chairman of the Democratic Governor’s Association. He is a strong Obama supporter and may receive his endorsement if he runs in 2016.

6. Deval Patrick

The Governor of Massachusetts is a close friend of President Obama, and also gave an address at the DNC. When asked the following week of the convention of his future plans, he shot down the idea of 2016. “If there is a time sometime later to come back and serve in public life, I hope I’m able to do that. Just not going to be in 2016,” he said. He may be coy on the subject, but he is still important to watch.

7. Kirsten Gillibrand

The New York Senator just secured her first full term after replacing Hillary Clinton by winning in a landslide. She addressed Iowa delegates at the DNC giving a possible preview to a 2016 campaign. The Senator may follow in Clinton’s footsteps and seek the presidency.

8. Cory Booker

The Mayor of Newark, New Jersey gave an explosive speech at the DNC. There has been talk that Booker may seek the New Jersey gubernatorial nomination to run against Republican Chris Christie. However, the former Rhodes Scholar may have laid the groundwork for 2016 at the DNC this year.

9. Elizabeth Warren

Warren recently defeated Republican opponent Scott Brown for the Massachusetts Senate seat. Warren’s fight against Wall Street banks and her work on the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau may give her the exposure she needs for a presidential nomination.

10. Antonio Villaraigosa

The Los Angeles Mayor was the chairman of the DNC this past September. He has shied away from the subject when asked about the presidency. However the possibility of becoming the first Latino president may give him advantage among the coumtry's growing Latino population.