This week in food and travel: Remembering Anthony Bourdain


Every industry has its challenges, but this week we’ve been reminded of how difficult the food world can be, for both everyday restaurant workers and well-known figures. We take a look back at the life of the late Anthony Bourdain and share perspectives from several LGBTQ people in the food industry.

A look back at the life of Anthony Bourdain, chef and television personality, who died at 61

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Bourdain saw food as the common denominator for human beings; it was the shared, joyful experience that allowed him to explore other perspectives while reserving judgment. Read more here.

Queer in the kitchen: A frank discussion with LGBTQ chefs, bartenders and restaurateurs

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In an industry that’s known for hospitality, restaurants and bars can still be uncomfortable places for marginalized individuals. Even a cursory scan of the field tells us out LGBTQ higher-ups are few and far between.

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“Media portrayals like Will and Grace lead the public to believe that all gay people are white, wealthy and doing just fine, and what we’re fighting for is cake at our wedding and not basic human rights and human dignity.” Read more here.

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