Mic Daily: Remembering Anthony Bourdain


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Today’s edition is dedicated to Anthony Bourdain, whose death by an apparent suicide was reported early Friday morning. He was 61.

A look back at the life of Anthony Bourdain, outspoken chef and TV personality

Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx/AP

Bourdain, a chef, TV personality and talented storyteller, was 61 and working in France. He died by suicide, CNN reported.

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He was more than a TV host. He was a guide on how to view the world.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Bourdain was an explorer. For more than a decade, across nine seasons of the Travel Channel’s No Reservations and 11 seasons of Parts Unknown, he exposed TV viewers to parts of the world and foods they might not experience otherwise.

He basked in the beauty of Vietnam, made friends with scientists holed up in Antarctica and detailed Detroit’s past and present, to name just a few of the locales that immediately come to mind. He remained a curious chronicler and respectful guest the whole time — always armed with questions and ready to ask for seconds, even if the meal might make him physically ill.

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Meeting Bourdain inspired me to move across the world

Katie Lockhart/Mic

The first time I watched Bourdain strut across my TV screen was during the fourth episode of No Reservations. He was in Vietnam on the Island of Mr. Sang. His dark sense of humor and gleeful smile over a bowl of noodles had me smitten. When I met him over 12 years later, we talked about moving to Vietnam.

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