Mic Daily: Maine keeps ranked-choice voting, Trump may erect tent cities for migrant kids and more


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Maine voters defy state legislature to demand ranked-choice voting in referendum

Robert F. Bukaty/AP

Back in 2016, Maine voters passed a ballot initiative to enact ranked-choice voting, which allows voters to rank their candidate preferences on the same ballot to prevent fringe candidates from acting as spoilers. But Republicans in the state legislature tried to delay the law from going into effect.

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Conservatives keep urging Trump to send troops into Chicago. Experts say it’s a bad idea.

Stanley Leary/AP

Conservatives like Bill O’Reilly and Candace Owens continue to single out Chicago as an indicator of the folly of liberal political orthodoxy — pointing to the perceived failures of both stricter gun control laws and police-reform proposals raised by supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s also been a means for them to perpetuate racist stereotypes that black and brown people are pathologically prone to violence and criminality.

But even if one believes that conservative virtue signaling about Chicago is sincere, many legal, governmental and military experts say sending troops into the city is the wrong approach for constitutional, moral and practical reasons.

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Trump administration reportedly eyeing tent cities to house migrant children

Juan Carlos Llorca/AP

The Trump administration is running out of space to house the thousands of unaccompanied minor children currently being held in immigration detention centers around the U.S. Now, according to a new report from McClatchy, tent cities are being considered as one potential solution to the problem.

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What would the ideal ungendered fashion collection really look like?


Genderless fashion has proven to be a difficult concept for many brands and designers to grasp. There was that notorious ungendered fashion collection from Zara in 2016 that got torn apart by the internet, that one from H&M that fared only slightly better and a similarly disappointing attempt from Abercrombie & Fitch.

As a part of our Beyond Pride series, we spoke with experts in the fashion world to unpack what an ideal, truly gender-inclusive fashion collection might look like.

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