This week in food and travel: Expert tips for solo travel

Virtually everyone who’s done it recommends traveling alone. Maybe a solo adventure sounds enticing to you, but you’re not exactly sure how to take the leap. This week, we spoke to travel journalist Stephanie Rosenbloom — who’s been going on trips for one for more than a decade — about her top tips for solo travel. If you need a final push to see the world through your eyes only, this is it.

What a frequent solo traveler wants you to know before your first trip alone

Traveling alone has a host of benefits.pR13S7/Shutterstock

Packing light, forgoing toothpaste and buying the world’s most comfortable socks are just some of the rules for exploring the world on your own. Read more here.

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Brick-grilled chicken with napa cabbage, herbs and jasmine rice at North.North

From barbecued skewers to mutton-and-squid dan dan noodles, the food in this college town in Rhode Island goes beyond American perceptions of Chinese cuisine. Read more here.

If you didn’t Instagram your vacation, were you really there?

A vacation from social media means you can actually fall asleep on the beach.robypangy/Shutterstock

To experience the Caribbean as it was intended, one writer pledged to stay off email, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter for the entirety of her trip. Read more here.

Small kitchen, serious cook: 5 meals you can make with just $30 worth of groceries

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A week’s worth of meals — from salmon and asparagus to black bean pasta — can be accomplished on a budget with a bit of planning. Read more here.