Beyoncé and Jay-Z inspired a new challenge meme and now people on Twitter are going “Apeshit”

On Saturday, Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropped nine new songs on the world in an album called Everything Is Love. The second song on the album is “Apeshit,” a boppy track featuring both Carters, and it was released alongside a stunning music video set at the Louvre in Paris.

There’s so much beauty all around in the video — the ballerinas in nude-colored outfits against all of the historical art, Bey and Jay-Z looking like black royalty, among several other lovely visuals.

But at 5:29, Beyoncé goes absolutely apeshit — and it hasn’t taken long for fans to follow her lead.

Right on cue, Beyoncé fans have taken to creating their own versions of Bey’s wilding-out moment beneath the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

This is the #ApeShitChallenge:

Of course, the Carters found a way to turn bedsheets into meme-worthy art.