Alec Baldwin wants your help to protect the Mueller investigation


Alec Baldwin may be best known lately for his searing impression of President Donald Trump on the late night show Saturday Night Live.

But Baldwin, an Oscar-nominated actor and comedian, is taking on the commander in chief in a new way, calling on American citizens to act.

In an exclusive video op-ed with Mic, Baldwin lays out the “mounting evidence of criminal activity” by Trump’s campaign for colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election.

As special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s possible collusion continues, Baldwin is speaking up to ensure that Americans know what’s on the line.

“Trump is claiming he has ‘absolute’ power to pardon himself and his aides,” Baldwin said, referencing a tweet from Trump in June in which he claimed the authority to pardon himself if needed.

“Can you imagine any other president saying this? No, because this would be the action of a dictator or a king — not the president of the United States,” Baldwin continued.

This is not the first time Baldwin has spoken up on the topic. In December, Baldwin also called on Americans to call their member of Congress to protect the Russia investigation.

This time, Baldwin is asking Americans to text “ACT” to 21333 for updates and actions they can take to stand up to Trump and protect the investigation.

He also calls on the public to visit, a new campaign dedicated to informing Americans about the Russia investigation which was launched on Thursday by several leading progressive organizations.

Watch Baldwin’s full video op-ed above.