Pikachu has bangs now, I guess


“What if I, like, got bangs?”

It’s a post break-up fashion conundrum that’s plagued people the world over — and Pikachu, the iconic, instantly recognizable Pokémon, is no exception.

Comedy Central/YouTube

In the upcoming Let’s Go Pikachu! and Let’s Go Eevee! games for Nintendo Switch — modernized versions of the classic 1998 Game Boy game Pokemon Yellow — players will always have a little buddy Pokémon by their side. (Either Pikachu or Eevee, depending on which version of the game you buy.) A recently released trailer showed you’ll be able to customize parts of your lil pal’s appearance, like clothes, and most importantly, their haircuts.

Pikachu (who doesn’t actually seem to have hair?) can rock a number of styles, including a little pompadour — and, as seen in the Japanese version of the trailer, bangs. Short, teeny, tiny yellow mouse bangs.

Shortly after the trailer posted online, images of Pikachu with its itty-bitty face-framers flooded Twitter, spawning a bunch of posts comparing Pikachu’s bangs to other, equally infamous bangs from pop culture history, like those sported by Beyoncé, Emma Roberts and Yolandi Visser, the female vocalist from Die Antwoord.

For the record, Eevee can don the same hairstyles as Pikachu, but bangs on a seemingly otherwise hairless yellow lightning mouse struck the internet as far more absurd than those on a dog-like critter.

A number of people also referred to this hairstyle as “TERF bangs,” a meme-y insult thrown at trans-exclusionary radical feminists who wear closely cropped dos.

Whatever you call them, the bangs are here — and folks, they are small.