Stories That Pay Off: Why do we get so mad when others show their financial privilege?


Talking about money can be difficult, whether it’s with co-workers, complete strangers or the entirety of the internet. This week, we take a look at why one intern’s expenses lit up the social media stratosphere, the uncomfortable and sometimes awkward salary discussions with colleagues, why it’s more difficult to change your name for men and the privacy details one app may be giving away.

How an intern’s spending habits riled up the internet

Joamir Salcedo/Mic

With her family chipping in $3,200 a month, the intern from a recent Refinery29 Money Diary could not have painted a starker picture of income inequality in America. Read more here.

The least awkward way to talk about salary with your co-workers


Asking someone how much money they make is like asking to see them naked, but this game plan includes who to ask, where to have the conversation — and the right words to use. Read more here.

Is your Venmo set to public? Here’s what strangers learn when your payments are broadcast online.

Hang Do Thi Duc/Public by Default

If you’ve never touched your Venmo’s privacy settings, you’ve been putting on quite the show with your finances. Read more here.

Why is it more difficult for men to change their names after marriage?

Damir Khabirov/Shutterstock

Changing your name often requires a lot of paperwork and a few trips to the DMV. But for men, the process is even more complicated. Read more here.