Madonna Tour 2012 Review: For an Obama Supporter, Madonna is Pretty Republican


I personally believe art and politics don't mix well. But since Madonna seems to do so (she got booed in New Orleans two weeks ago for telling her fans to vote for Obama, and was almost deported from Russia for supporting punk feminist band Pussy Riot), it seems fit to review her MDNA tour through the prism of the recent American election.  

And so my Madison Square Garden late-night date with the middle-aged "Material Girl" who is "Like a Virgin" was entertaining (she finally did put on a good show after the 2-hour wait that was starting to test the patience of New Yorkers). However, her politics — presented by a stunning stage full of gigantic HD screens and epic lighting — were inconsistent with her supposed Democratic views, to say the least. 

Madonna is known for trashing conservative politicians (during her live renditions of "I Love New York" she's told Republicans to "suck George Bush's d**k" and Sarah Palin to "f***ing get off my street!"). However, the visuals of her show told a different story. 

The Queen of Pop (sorry Monsters) hit the stage toting a big gun and shooting guys left and right while performing the song "Gang Bang" (which contains lyrics such as "bang bang, shot you dead/in the head) while violent and bloody videos (that put Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs to shame) played in the background. The NRA would have been ecstatic.  

When she was done shooting people, Madonna then delighted her older fans with a passionate rendition of her 1986 hit "Papa Don't Preach," which is basically a pro-life anthem that made the Catholic Church proud back in the day. For those who haven't heard it, the song talks about a teenager who just got pregnant (sort of like the 1980s version of 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom or Bristol Palin's Life's a Tripp) and who refuses to get an abortion despite of what society would say. The lyrics go something like this: "But I've made up my mind/I'm keeping my baby, oh I'm gonna keep my baby, mmm..."

What would Sandra Fluke say?