Stories That Pay Off: How to find out if your new romantic partner is a financial disaster


The honeymoon phase in any relationship is bliss. Once reality starts to set in, however, it’s important you talk about the things that matter — like money. Money talk is crucial to a relationship’s ultimate success: According to a 2016 Experian survey, 59% of divorced people say finances played a role in the breakup of their marriage. So while salaries may not be the best first date topic, it’s not shallow to consider whether your date is responsible with their wallet.

Beyond uncovering some ways to tell if your latest beau is a responsible spender, this week we looked at why first-time home buyers are experiencing trouble and how you (and your partner) can cut down on your plastic consumption. We’ve also examined Ivanka Trump’s now-closed clothing line was ever a success.

Love and Money: How to figure out if your new romantic partner is a financial disaster

Rommel Canlas/Shutterstock

It’s not about how much money they have, but how they handle what they’ve got. Read more here.

Why the market for first-time home buyers is getting tougher

lOvE lOvE/Shutterstock

If you’re dead set on buying, these are the cities in America you should be looking at. Read more here.

How to use less plastic in your everyday life


One writer tracked her plastic consumption for an entire week; the results weren’t pretty. Fortunately, and expert stepped in with advice on how to do better in the future.

Was Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand actually successful?

Win McNamee/Getty Images

A look back at the ups and downs of the Ivanka Trump brand. Read more here.

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