Stories That Pay Off: How to set boundaries with your co-workers

Work friends are invaluable: They can be your comfort, your comic relief and your confidant. But they can also be major distractions who may invest a bit too much energy into office politics. Mic spoke with career experts about how to set ground rules with co-workers in and out of the office so you can juggle that work-life balance a bit more seamlessly.

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How to set limits with colleagues and keep things from getting awkward

How do you keep a happy hour with colleagues from devolving into a venting session?Elevate/Pexels

Practice these gentle techniques and succinct phrases and avoid the potential awkwardness that can come with work friends.

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At Greyston Bakery, no resumes or interviews are required to land a job

An employee at the manufacturing facility within Greyston BakeryGreyston Bakery

Unemployment for individuals with criminal records is common — but a New York bakery hopes to tackle this problem with its no-questions-asked hiring practice.

What is the new “Weinstein clause” and how does it affect the business world?

The effects of Harvey Weinstein’s reckoning now extend to Wall Street.Jefferson Siegel/AP

Keeping an accused sexual predator in a corner office finally makes a company less desirable.