Stories That Pay Off: How to get money back from airlines


Lost luggage, horrible delays, completely canceled flights – there’s a long list of airport inconveniences where your frustration is justified. Sadly, not all of these injustices qualify as reasons for airlines to compensate you with cash, no matter how wrong that may feel. Mic spoke to several experts about the instances in which you’re deserving of your money back, and the cases where you’re out of luck.

Also this week, we reviewed the most popular wedding registries, asked investment strategists when a company is worth investing in (Facebook, anyone?) and examined the feminist business practices of The Wing. Read on to learn more.

When are you actually entitled to money from airlines for a delay or for lost a bag?

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Getting money back from an airline is tough as it is — here are the few rare instances in which you are entitled to it.

How to pick the best wedding registry for you (and your guests)


There’s now an unbelievable array of digital registries to choose from — here’s how to differentiate between them, whether you’re getting or giving the gifts.

Should you be investing in Facebook or Papa John’s stock right now?

Joe Raedle and Lluis Gene for AFP/Getty Images

We asked investment strategists if the whole “buy low, sell high” thing applies while companies are making headlines.

By giving full benefits to hourly workers, The Wing is practicing the feminism it preaches

Monica Schipper/Getty Images

The women-focused company is breaking down barriers between full-time and hourly workers.