Mitt Romney Face Tattoo: Eric Hartsburg Has No Regrets About Wild GOP Loser Face Tatoo


While most Republicans only have to worry about removing their Romney/Ryan 2012 bumper stickers or front yard signs to start moving on from the GOP presidential ticket's recent defeat, for Eric Hartsburg — the guy who got a Romney logo face tattoo in the middle of the 2012 contentious presidential campaign — the task could be a little more complicated, if not impossible. 

Hartsburg, a professional wrestler who auctioned off his right temple off on eBay for $15,000 to get a Romney for President logo tattoo, says however that he has no regrets of having the sign a loser permanently tattooed on his face (probably for the rest of his life). 

"I'm not an idiot," Hartsburg said. “I am college educated [...] getting the tattoo was a decision that I made, and I am cool with,” he added. 

The 30-year-old Indiana dude said he's naturally disappointed with the result of the election, as he obviously wanted Mitt Romney to beat Obama. But he claims being proud of what the Romney campaign achieved in terms of voter turnout ("in certain places"), as well as of "the effort I made." 

The eager Republican also says he's been approached by Obama supporters who tell him things such as "I told you so" or "you look like an idiot." And that he wishes people were able to take Romney's loss and even his notorious tattoo out of the equation in order to have a real conversation about politics and the future of America.  

Still, having a face tattoo about a candidate/political party that at the moment pretty much represents a step backwards when it comes to social and cultural issues has to be a pretty hard pill to swallow. However, the wrestler insists there are no regrets. 

“It’s a decision that I made. … I can deal with the criticism. I have thick skin. I don’t regret the tattoo at all. I would do it all over again if I had to.”