Charlie Webster: Maine GOP Leader to Investigate Mysterious Black Voters in Small Towns


Charlie Webster, the retiring Maine GOP head, has got himself into hot water again. He continues his blitzkrieg of stupidity that his further hurting the Maine Republican Party, which he heads until 1 December.

But why do you care you might ask? Yes I have already left the Republican Party in disgust back in February of this year. But there are still decent people in the Republican Party who do not deserve to be tarred the same brush as Webster. Alas I fear they might unless some of them, higher profile the better, step up and castigate Webster for the fool he is. We are not living is Aparteid South Africa and Webster is not a member of the Afrikanner Resistance Movement.

His latest racist rant against "hidden black voters in rural towns" is not the first time he has come across as a bigoted neanderthal. He started this public display when he sent out a gay-bashing advertisements during the battle in 2011 over same-day voting and the ballot initiative to bring it back. The paper advertisements, that were only sent to small town newspapers (see trend here) were paranoid delusions of rich gays manipulating Maine politics for their own ends.

Of course during the course of campaign 2012 he has bashed libertarians and Ron Paul supporters (he told those two groups to leave the GOP as they weren't needed). was part of the trashing of World of Warcraft players/all video gamers that so spectacularly backfired on the GOP on Nov 6th.

But his latest outburst during a TV interview takes the biscuit. (Watch the interview with a strong drink.)

And he plans to act on these accusations and investigate to find the "100s" of mystery black voters. Of course, his last foray into investigating illegal voting  by students last year ended in no evidence.