Mitt Romney Gifts Comment: This Proves Republicans Are Acting Like Very Sore Losers


Conservatives and libertarians on the right are convinced that President Obama won the election because, as Rush Limbaugh said, “you can’t beat Santa Claus.” 

Their argument is that Obama doled out the perks and that America wants “free stuff.” On Wednesday, The Los Aangeles Times said Romney and his national finance committee told supporters on a conference call that “the president’s campaign focused on giving targeted groups a big gift.” The LA Times pointed out that the Obama administration implemented targeted policies for key demographic communities in his coalition of millennials, minorities, and women. For some reason, they find fault with an administration that helps the people it serves.

Conservatives are still caught in the throes of depression, shock, denial, and anger over the loss. They continue to be unable to come to grips with the fact that they lost to the better man. On Wednesday, Karl Rove put his spin on the election. According to CBS, Rove summed up Obama’s resounding victory by saying “He's the first president to win re-election with a smaller percentage of the vote and a smaller margin over his opponent than he won in his first election.” That is Rove’s take away from the election. That forms the basis of his assessment. In Rove’s mind the president's monumental failure is epitomized by Obama’s innability to beat him and the GOP worse than Obama did the last time. That is an amazing conclusion.

Liberal pundits throughout America continue to look on in amazement at the self-destruction that is occurring within the Republican Party. We are accused of “gloating” over the Obama victory even as conservative and liberation pundits on the right continue to downplay the resounding victory of Obama over the Republicans. It is a clear case of a party consumed by grief and remorse.

There has been virtually no conservative or libertarian pundit on the right to give Obama an unqualified congratulatory victory acknowledgment. Susan Adams of Forbes magazine captured the mode of the conservative and libertarian reaction to Obama’s victory early in the reporting cycle. She cited excerpt after excerpt from leading conservative publications that conceded victory the way a sports coach makes a losing team shake hands with the winner, or two parents make their children shake hands after a fight ... i.e. with callous regret.

The conservative writer John Podhoretz of the Rupert Murdoch-owned and conservative-leaning New York Post has been one of the few on the right that has written a fully complimentary version of the election. Without any hint of a smear or slur, Podhoretz articulated how Obama and the Democrats “masterfully” took apart the conservative Republican engine. Podhoretz said “Obama is one of the greatest politicians in American history. You have to admire this political master and his amazing handicraft.”

I implore the conservatives and libertarians on the right to let their bitterness go. The better man won this race. Bobby Jindal, the Republican governor of Louisiana told the Associated Press, “We need to acknowledge the fact we clearly got beat and we need to recognize that.”

This is a follow up to Wednesday’s article: “Republicans Are Now Going through the 5 Stages of Grief after Their Losses This Election”