Republican Rep. Steve King is retweeting white nationalists. Again.

Steve King, a Republican politician delivering a speech

Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa made it three whole months without retweeting a popular white nationalist. Now the question is: Will he make it to the midterm elections without retweeting another?

On Wednesday afternoon, King retweeted Lana Lokteff, host of the online white nationalist media organization Red Ice, a site that warns of “white genocide” and argues for the right to form a white ethnostate. Given King’s long history of unapologetic white supremacist statements, it won’t matter one bit when King comes up for reelection in November.

King was responding to a tweet from Lokteff about U2 singer Bono, who recently mocked Sweden for the recent gains won by the country’s far-right party in the elections over the weekend. Lokteff said that Bono had maligned the Swedish people by implying that they were “Nazis,” and King jumped on board.

“‘Nazi’ is injected into Leftist talking points because the worn out and exhausted ‘racist’ is over used and applied to everyone who lacks melanin and who fail to virtue signal at the requisite frequency and decibels,” King tweeted. “But... Nazis were socialists and Leftists are socialists.’

This is just the latest in a long line of public endorsement of white supremacist talking points. In March 2017, King tweeted praise of the anti-immigration Dutch politician Geert Wilders, writing, “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” In June, King retweeted British neo-Nazi Mark Collett. Collett tweeted an article from Breitbart News about Italians who were against mass immigration.

“Europe is waking up,” King added. “Will time?”

King’s record of retweeting white nationalists, spreading false reports about crime rates among immigrants and reading white nationalist books is well known, but as the Huffington Post reported in July, neither the Republican National Committee nor top Republican leaders seem interested in disavowing King’s public racism.

King will be up for a reelection on Nov. 6. The eight-term Republican incumbent is expected to win again.