2016 Election: How the GOP Will Reshape Itself Next Time Around


A shift in the GOP has started, and it is only furthered by the results of this election. The next generation of Republicans slowly, but surely, is influencing the party's platform, messaging, and structure. Others have already predicted a change in the GOP’s structure, specifically the way it operates/communicates. Alongside this adaptation will come an adaptation of its platform. These changes may not come within the next election cycle, or even the one after that, but they are coming.

I am not advocating for or against any of these changes or stances. These are not my personal views or stances, just my projections for where the party’s platform is headed.

Abortion: The GOP will hold its pro-life stance, but will officially include exceptions in the case of rape, incest, or endangerment of the mother's life.

Gay Rights: The GOP will reframe how it presents and views this issue. They will say that civil unions, and appropriate benefits, are the right of the government, and should not be denied to any partnership. Marriage, however, is left up to the church to decide. Due to the separation of church and state,the state cannot infringe upon the church’s right to decide.

Marijuana: The GOP will abstain from taking a stance on this issue, and will not include it in its official platform.

Government spending: No surprise here. The GOP will obviously continue to advocate for limited government, and limited government spending.

Taxation: Again, I believe the GOP will maintain its current stance on taxes. I do, however, think they will iron out one issue that has yet remained grey. They will support the simplification of the tax code and closing loopholes, however defined. Republican Senator Tom Coburn and famed anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist often butt heads on whether this would go against the GOP mantra of not raising taxes; I tend to believe the party will shift over to siding with Senator Coburn on this issue, despite currently being bound by Norquist’s pledge, which prevents this shift.

Military: The GOP will maintain a very pro-military stance.

Some may say the new GOP platform also needs to focus more on engaging and garnering support from women, youth, and other minorities. I do not believe that low support was due to a lack of targeting or focus, but rather a lack of identification. These groups felt alienated by the party more so because of the views than because of its focus (although both parties could do a better job of giving youth, and other groups, a seat at the table). By changing its stances on the issues I think it will automatically better target these minority groups,and gain a higher proportion of support within them.