The final ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ theme song is here


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one episode into its fourth and final season, which is bittersweet news for fans of the series, but here’s some unequivocally great news: The latest theme song is here! For those who aren’t familiar with the series, each season has had a different opening theme song.

The first season’s opening credits song was a The Nanny-style exposition jingle; the second season’s was a retro, Busby Berkeley-inspired song and dance sequence; and the third season’s was a parody of a bunch of different musical genres and the many ways woman are either derided, objectified or celebrated for being “crazy.”

On Friday, series co-creator and star Rachel Bloom, who plays Rebecca Bunch, the titular “crazy ex-girlfriend,” tweeted out the new season’s theme song and opening credits sequence, which will presumably air with the season’s second episode on Friday night. (It wasn’t a part of the Oct. 12 season premiere.)

The new theme song is a peppy, ‘90s-sitcom-style jingle, sort of along the lines of the Full House theme song, that starts out with the line “Meet Rebecca,” and then starts to explain who she is with a lovely credits montage made up of moments from the series. Except that Rebecca Bunch’s character is a little too difficult to explain in a montage, or in a few lines of a song, so the narrator basically gives up.

Like the series’ past theme songs — hell, like the whole show — this latest intro sequence is a campy, wacky bit that also manages to be thoughtful and smart.