James Holmes 2.0: Breaking Dawn 2 Shooting Plot Foiled by Mom of Blaec Lammers


What could have been a tragedy as horrible as the July 20 Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting that killed 12 and wounded many more at the premiere of Christopher Nolan's the Dark Knight Rises was just prevented.

A Missouri mom reportedly foiled her son's plot to kill people at a showing of the latest Twilight: Breaking Down 2 film, says the AFP.  

Blaec Lammers' mom told police her 20-year-old son was off his medication, and that he had bought assault weapons with the intention of carrying out the attack on fans of the popular teenage vampire and werewolf movie starring Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

Mrs. Lammers contacted the authorities on Thursday, when police found the suspect at a local Sonic fast food restaurant. According to the AFP, she went quietly to the police station and though initially said her son had bought the guns with hunting purposes, she eventually opened up about her fears that her son would try to attempt a massacre similar to the one perpetuated by James Holmes in Colorado. "He has a lot in common with the [Batman] shooter," she said. 

According to Detective Dustin Ross, when Lammers was detained he acknowledged he was "quiet, kind of a loner" and that he recently had purchased firearms and 400 rounds of ammunition "and had homicidal thoughts." 

Lammers then reportedly admitted that he'd bought the guns "with the intention of shooting up the movie theater" in his hometown of Bolivar, Missouri on Saturday night.

However, the wannabe shooter apparently decided to change venues as he realized he might have run out of ammunition if he carried the movie theater attack. He then decided to carry out the attack at a local Wal-Mart instead, where he'd "walk into the store and just start shooting people at random."

The reason why Lammers picked Wal-Mart is that if he ran out of ammunition he could just "break the glass where the ammunition is stored, get some more and keep on shooting until the police arrived" — in which case he had already decided to give himself up. 

He was charged Friday with one count of making a terrorist threat, one count of assault and one count of armed criminal action.