Chris Christie SNL Video: NJ Governor Quotes Bruce Springsteen on Weekend Update


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared on NBC's Saturday Night Live last night. The controversial executive, who's been cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy, sat with Seth Meyers on Weekend Update — wearing his now trademark fleece jacket. 

Christie, who ruffled some Republican feathers by praising President Obama's response to the storm, explained that the post hurricane recovery "cannot be done in a couple of days," while joking that it shouldn't be a problem since New Jerseyans "are known for their patience." 

The governor was at ease and seemed to enjoy himself during his Weekend Update debut. It's not surprising. Christie is some kind of a (new) media darling, as his famous rants usually become viral YouTube sensations. He demonstrated why last night by jokingly steamrolling host Seth Meyers during the whole skit. 

Christie went also after "the stupid mayors" who ignored the governor's evacuation warnings before the storm. The governor, who thanked his wife Mary for "putting up with a husband that has smelled like wet fleece for three weeks," also blasted reporters who put themselves in danger by walking toward a hurricane with their cameras. "We don't need you to tell us there's a storm. We have windows!"   

In reference to the state's gas rationing, Christie "didn't thank" those who scream at people while lining up at gas stations." Though he defended screaming at people at gas stations as "a New Jersey tradition" he said it shouldn't be done during a crisis. "We'll have plenty of time for yelling when this is all over."

The governor ended by quoting Bruce Springsteen's 1982 song "Atlantic City." "Everything dies baby, that's a fact / But everything that dies, one day comes back / Put your make up on, fix your hair up pretty ... and meet me tonight in Atlantic City."