2016 Presidential Candidates: Bobby Jindal is the Frontrunner


If distancing oneself from Mitt Romney is the new yardstick with which to measure one's 2016 presidential ambitions, then Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is leading the pack of future GOP hopefuls. 

Jindal criticized the 2012 Republican presidential nominee's post election comments, that president Obama won reelection because of the "gifts" he offered minorities, last week during a meeting of the Republican Governors Association. 

"I absolutely disagree with Romney's comments, Jindal said. The new chairman of the Republican Governors Association added that the GOP has to go after 100% of the votes, and not after only 53% of them. 

The comment was a jab at another Mitt Romney comment, when the former governor of Massachusetts and CEO of private equity firm Bain Capital said 47% of Americans "see themselves as victims."

And this Sunday, Jindal took to Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace where he stepped up his criticism of Romney, while stressing that the Republican Party must become "a larger tent party." “We as a Republican Party have to campaign for every single vote,” Jindal said on “Fox News Sunday.” “We don’t start winning majorities … by insulting our voters,” he added.

But it didn't end there. Jindal also blasted 2012 GOP Senate hopefuls Todd Akin (Missouri) and Richard Mourdock (Indiana) for making the controversial comments on rape that diminished Republican chances of retaking the Senate. “We also don’t need to be saying stupid things,” Jindal rightly concluded.