Side Effects Movie Trailer: Channing Tatum Proves Why He is the Sexiest Man Alive


People’s new reigning “Sexiest Man Alive,” Channing Tatum, has a big year ahead of him.  After informing his wife, actress Jena Dewan, of his entry into the SMA cannon while washing the skunk smell off their dogs, Channing immediately Googled all of his upcoming trailers—or so we imagine.  

The most interesting looking of the four 2013 Tatum offerings (G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Side Effects, White House Down, and Foxcatcher) is the Stephen Soderbergh directed Side Effects. The pair previously worked together on the quasi-biographic Magic Mike and the black ops thriller Haywire.

This time, Tatum plays Martin, a newly released felon. Beating out Blake Lively for the role of Emily, Martin’s anxious and medicated wife, is a longhaired Rooney Mara. Fellow SMA 2004 Jude Law, who plays Emily’s psychiatrist, is also a Soderbergh alumn (Contagion), as is writer Scott Burns. Catherine Zeta-Jones rounds out the sex appeal stacked cast as a potential drug company insider.

Side Effects is the director’s last film before a planned sabbatical, in order to focus on his painting. Girls star Jemima Kirke already popularized the Hollywood player/painter thing, but there’s always room for more slashies in the industry.

While Contagion was a critique of the Center for Disease Control, Side Effects goes after big-pharma. Clearly, somewhere a film noire take on Obamacare is being pitched.  

Side Effects is a literal psychological thriller, focusing on a new anti-anxiety drug that, like in Limitless, is the perfect panacea before turning deadly.

Martin (Tatum) is released from prison, which as we learned from Homeland, can strain  a marriage. Emily (Mara) seeks treatment for anxiety and sexy-time troubles. The wonder drug is prescribed and, erm, side effects, some fatal, occur.

Side Effects opens February 8, 2013. Check out the trailer here: