This year’s new iPhones might feature a completely different camera


According to a new report, Apple’s 2019 iPhone lineup could be markedly different from its 2018 models. On April 8, Japanese Apple-centric blog Macotakara (via 9to5Mac) posted that 2019 will see the introduction of two new iPhones that have 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch OLED displays, citing Chinese supply chain sources. These phones would reportedly be crafted to specifically accommodate the devices’ previously rumored triple-camera system, and the size increase would make the new line of phones similar to the 6.1-inch screen iPhone XR. Mic has reached out to Apple for comment on the report, but has not heard back at this time.

Previously, multiple rumors have suggested that the new iPhones will feature Apple’s first triple camera setup, but the details have varied. According to The Wall Street Journal, the three-camera model would be an exclusive addition to Apple’s models meant as followup to the iPhone XS Max. Bloomberg, however, theorized that Apple had halted plans for the camera, which could instead debut on an upcoming iPad Pro model scheduled for 2020. Overall, no one has been exactly sure which upcoming phones would feature the set-up, or if the set-up would lead to improved photography, 3D depth sensing, or something else entirely.


Per the Macotakara report, the 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch OLED phones will be beefier than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, though not enough that regular users would notice too much of a difference. The size change would help accommodate the triple-lens feature, with about 0.15mm added thickness to the current iPhone XS body and a smaller camera bump protrusion by about 0.5 mm. Previously, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had claimed that the new models would feature larger batteries, so a larger chassis would make sense for that purpose as well.

The Macotakara report also claims that the two OLED models could potentially feature bilateral wireless charging, meaning that they could charge other devices wirelessly, without needing a charging mat. The report also says that the models would pack an Apple 18W USB charger and USB-C to Lightning cable in the package. Apple recently abandoned plans for its AirPower charger, citing an inability to reach the high production standards the company set for itself. It would have been a boon for any new iPhone models that support wireless charging, but sadly, it isn’t in the cards any longer.

Still, the fact that the new models would potentially come with the Apple 18W USB charger and USB-C to Lightning cable is intriguing. Apple has supported fast charging with its devices ever since the iPhone 8 debuted, but the phones have typically come with USB Type-A cables and a 5W charger. The new devices would mark a big change, though given Apple’s reliance on USB-C ports such as with its MacBook Pro models, it’s curious that the new phones would instead remain with Lightning ports.

Of course, this is all just rumor for now, though it’s notable that Macotakara has previously published Apple predictions that have come to pass, such as the fact that the new 2018 iPad Pro models would no longer feature a headphone jack. Right now, though, Apple is keeping quiet on most of what users can expect out of its upcoming line of iPhones, and if previous versions are anything to go on, the company likely won’t confirm anything until the new phones are announced in September.