Essential accessories for anyone who’s terrified of losing their AirPods


Apple’s AirPods are all the rage, and not just because they look cool dangling from your ears. The earphones sound great, offer solid battery life, and even come with a charging case that juices them up while you’re not using them. There’s just one small issue: they’re incredibly easy to lose, which is why if you have a pair, you can probably benefit from some of these Apple AirPod accessories meant to keep you from misplacing the earbuds.

It costs $69 to replace a singular lost AirPod, $59 to replace a lost charging case, and $199 for the Airpods with the wireless charging case. As such, it’s in your best interest not to lose your Airpods, of course, but let’s be real — it can be easy to forget to put them back in the case when you’re done listening. That’s why AirPod accessories were invented, and if you pick up one of the below options, your precious earbuds will hopefully stay safe and secure.

Get an AirPods strap


It probably seems like it’s defeating the purpose to get a strap for your AirPods when the entire point is for them to be wireless. But as you might already know, one easy way to lose your AirPods is to have them fall right out of your ear and onto the ground somewhere, never to be found again. If you’re wearing them on one of these cords, however, that worry dissipates immediately.

There are various models to choose from. This Spigen strap has plenty of positive reviews from buyers, and looks just nondescript enough that people might not even notice it, if they’re not standing super close to you. If you prefer a different look, you could also check out the VIMVIP AirPods Strap with Magnetic Clasp for around $11.

Buy it: Spigen RA100 Strap, Amazon, $8.99

Use ear hooks to keep AirPods in place


Though AirPods are small, sometimes they have trouble staying on your ears, even if you use the included silicone tips that are made just for this very purpose. That’s where Earhoox — cool little silicone hooks that attach to your AirPods and wrap around your eats — come in. Earhoox help the earbuds fit in your ears and stay secure, reducing your risk of losing them.

True, you’ll have to remove the hooks in order to put your AirPods back in their case, but at least you won’t have to worry about them falling out as you walk or keep pushing them back into your ears while exercising.

Buy it: Earhoox 2.0 for Apple EarPods & AirPods, Amazon, $9.99

Toss a Tile on your charging case


The Tile line of products are meant to attach to things you lose often so that you can track them with your phone. Say you lose your keys a lot – put a Tile on your keyring, and you can then use the company’s location app to find where you last left it.

You can do the same with your AirPods’ charging case, just by getting some Velcro and affixing a Tile to the back of the case. This trick won’t help when the pods themselves are separated from the case, but it’ll be handy when you have the Pods but not the case and want to save time locating it.

Buy it: Tile (Gen 2) 1-Pack, Amazon, $12.99

Grab a flashy case that you can’t miss


It’s hard to lose an enormous pink (or purple, blue or orange) puff ball. An inexpensive, eye-catching silicone case like the one above can seriously glam up your AirPods. It’ll stand out amongst your other items, especially if you add in a puffy keychain or a flashy gem. Plus, a puff ball will give you something extra to hold on to, so you’ll be less likely to drop the case when walking around.

Buy it: Filoto AirPods Silicone Glittery Case Cover with Keychain/Strap, Amazon, $12.99

These accessories should help you keep an eye on your AirPods in the future, but if you’re currently at a loss for where your earphones may be (hey, it happens!), remember that you can always use Find My iPhone to help locate them. It’s automatically enabled, according to Apple, so all you need to do is use the Find My iPhone app on your phone or sign in at to see your AirPods located on a map and be reunited with them before long.