This job literally pays you to sleep


Showing up to work tired is not exactly ideal — you’re more likely to make careless mistakes, be less productive, and fall asleep mid-meeting. Not exactly the best way to make an impression. But at one mattress company, being tired is the very thing that might help land you a seriously sweet — and sleepy — gig.

Mattress Firm is currently looking for a “Snoozetern” to help lead their social media efforts, as well as appear on camera for product testing purposes. “Our ideal candidate is someone who’s enthusiastic about creating engaging social content that gets our audience buzzing about bedtime. We want our next ‘sleep-fluencer’ to be creative, have a keen eye for storytelling, and of course, share our passion for sleep,” said Scott Thaler, Mattress Firm’s chief marketing officer. The paid position is based in Houston, Texas at the company’s “bed-quarters,” starting mid-May at around 30 hours per week. College credit is available but you do not need to be in college to apply. Applications close May 3.

The requirements are basically your forever mood: “Proficient in napping, regardless of time of day” and “Passionate about sleep and comfort.” There are other more technical requirements, of course, but you’ll be so well-rested by the time you’ve tested out all those mattresses, you’ll ace short video editing using software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Spark. And you don’t need to be a specific type of sleeper to qualify. As long as you “understand the importance of sleep and how much it impacts our lives,” said Thaler, you’re golden.

And no, the camera won’t creepily zoom in on you while you sleep. One video features tips on how to make your bed, and how to pick the perfect pillow. You’ll also be asked to write written reviews of your sleep experience.

When interning, the goal is to gain valuable experience that you can then bring to your future career. Luckily, the parts of the job that won’t leave you snoring will leave you scoring major portfolio clips. “Last year, our ‘Snoozeterns’ produced nearly 100 pieces of social media content, served in the community through the Mattress Firm Foster Kids program and even interviewed a few of Houston’s hometown heroes, like Simone Biles and Houston Texans football players.”