The best screen protectors for keeping your phone just-out-of-the-box fresh


Try as you might, sometimes it’s difficult to keep your brand new smartphone pristine – whether from letting your nieces and nephews use it, being tossed around in your bag, or being handled with greasy fingers. That’s where a shiny new screen protector comes in. Though they can be difficult to apply, they’re absolutely essential for keeping that expensive new tech purchase in good shape.

If you’re looking for a few reliable options to protect your latest, pricey investment, these excellent screen protectors should keep scratches and dings away from the glass of your high-tech smartphone – because everyone knows your first day of owning a new phone is when you’re prone to start dropping it the most.

Keep your new phone as glossy as it was when you took it out of the box with these screen protectors.

Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung Galaxy S10 Protector


Whitestone’s Dome Glass screen protectors are on the more expensive side, but they work. This particular model is perfect for the Galaxy S10, and uses a special method of installation to ensure it goes on perfectly and stays put. Plus, this is the only brand that alleges it will work with the Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor hidden in its display. For such a new and expensive smartphone, you obviously want the best, and you’re getting it here with this inventive solution. Its special UV curing wet-install method is engineered to ensure a snug fit for your phone, so take your time putting the screen on and it’ll be like a second, protective skin.

(Also available for Galaxy S9, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, and Google Pixel 3)

Buy it here: Amazon, $49.99

IQShield LiQuidSkin Galaxy S9 Screen Protector


If you didn’t decide to upgrade your Galaxy S9 immediately to an S10, don’t worry, you’re not alone. But your phone still needs protection, since it’s one of the latest and greatest out on the market. This incredibly thin but surprisingly tough screen protector is definitely one you should keep your eye on, and it’s extremely affordable. It’s classified as a “smart film” that you can’t actually see on your phone when it’s applied, featuring self-healing durability and offering a “flexible yet tough” film that goes on painlessly and keeps fighting scratches and scuffs throughout its lifetime. And if it does happen to let something scratch it? You’ve got a two-pack here, so replace it!

(Also available for Galaxy S10, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, and Google Pixel 3)

Buy it here: Amazon, $9.95

UAG Glass Screen Shield - iPhone XS Max


The iPhone XS Max features a massive 6.5-inch display, which also happens to be the largest Apple has ever used for an iPhone model. Understandably, it’s more difficult to keep it safe. Luckily, the Urban Armor Gear Screen Shield is here to save the day, and your phone’s Super Retina AMOLED screen. It’s ultra-thin with oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating, 9H hardness for scratch resistance you can’t beat, and tempered glass to ensure the protector will break before your phone’s screen does.

(Also available for Galaxy S10, Galaxy S9, and iPhone X)

Buy it here: UAG, $39.99

UAG iPhone X Tempered Glass Privacy Tint Screen Protector


Even if you didn’t spring for the iPhone XS Max, perhaps you did decide to spend nearly a thousand dollars on an iPhone X when it debuted. Even with its smaller screen, it’s still a dynamite little smartphone, with Face ID that depends on having a camera on the front that isn’t covered or obscured by a bad screen protector. The glass back and front needs protection, and the UAG Glass Privacy Tint product is a winner. It adds tint to your screen, which makes it difficult for anyone to see what you’re looking at over your shoulder – and keeps the focus on your face. Plus, it’s only 0.2 mm thick with an oleophobic layer meant to keep grease and other grime away. Keep your iPhone X looking stylish (and safe) with this ingenious screen protector.

(Also available for Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, iPhone XS Max, and Google Pixel 3)

Buy it here: Amazon, $49.95

amFilm Tempered Glass Google Pixel 3 Screen Protector


This three-pack of amFilm-branded sheets of durable tempered glass gets the job done in an affordable manner. Your Google Pixel 3 will shine with these thin, amazingly clear protectors that facilitate touch control. With curved edges to fit your phone, they feature 99.9% transparency and surprisingly resilient materials that won’t cut you even if they do happen to break. There are even clear “handles” on both sides of the protector to help you guide it down and onto the phone’s screen, just so you can avoid some simple application mistakes. Mess up? Just start over with another one from the pack.

(Also available for Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, iPhone X, iPhone XS Max)

Buy it here: Amazon, $8.99

If you’re not keen on any of these particular models, there’s also a wide selection of universal protectors out there. No matter what model you’re rocking, there’s something out there for you to keep your phone looking as fresh as the day you took it out of the package.