Everything you need to know about Beats’ new totally wireless earbuds


Looking to upgrade your current wireless headphones? Apple AirPods not doing it for you? Perhaps you want something more substantial, or truly wireless earbuds that you don’t have difficulty wiggling into your ear or getting them to stay there?

Apple’s Beats by Dre brand has something new in store for you: the Powerbeats Pro, or the followup to the brand’s original Powerbeats. Apple just broke the news today about the new product’s burgeoning availability as well as how much they’ll cost, where you can purchase them, and what they’ll offer when they debut.

What’s different about Powerbeats Pro?

Beats by Dre/Beats by Dre

Powerbeats Pro are the Beats brand’s first truly wireless earbuds and can be viewed as a viable alternative to AirPods.

In comparison to the first model, they’re set to be much more comfortable as well as offer a maximized battery life, with a reported nine hours of continuous play. Armed with Apple’s H1 chip to command Siri hands-free whenever you like, they’re going to put up something of a fight when it comes to satisfying premium users looking for an AirPod alternative.

They’re also water and sweat resistant and include physical controls, all of which make them attractive options for anyone looking to use a new earbud when hitting the gym.

Powerbeats are the Beats brand’s sport headphones, and though Apple owns the company, they can be seen as something of a competitor to the tech mammoth’s own AirPods, which just debuted a new iteration as well. The Powerbeats Pro model was originally discovered by 9to5Mac after iOS 12.2 first debuted.

Deep within the update’s code were animations, images, and other tidbits lodged within that appeared to reveal a new vision of the previous model of Powerbeats. These, however, were instead truly wireless like the AirPods. They’re meant to pair instantaneously with iPhones and immediately sync with other iCloud-connected devices as well.

You can obviously still use them with Android phones or tablets, but the focus is on iOS-powered devices here given that Apple is the manufacturer. The Powerbeats Pro also come with their own special Lightning-powered charging case.

In a nutshell, Powerbeats Pro are clearly targeting customers who commit to some serious workouts and demand more from their wireless earbuds, which is how you’d explain the more premium price tag.

How much will Powerbeats Pro cost?

Beats by Dre/Beats by Dre

The earbuds will run you $249.95 and will go up for preorder on May 3 at 7 AM PT/10 AM ET, which Apple just announced today. Following their preorder period, they’ll hit retail stores on May 10. This makes them a bit more expensive than even the newest Apple AirPods at $199 (compared to the previous model at $159), but these look to be significantly more substantial in important ways.

What colors will Powerbeats Pro come in at launch?

Beats by Dre/Beats by Dre

At first, you’ll only be able to purchase the earbuds in their classic black color with a matching case. But ivory, moss, and navy are all set to become available this summer. According to The Verge, Beats products have typically seen launches and relaunches with additional colors even when there weren’t new headphones on the horizon. There isn’t currently a set date for when you can shop Powerbeats Pro in other colors, but if you’re tired of black, they should be coming in the near future.

When will Powerbeats Pro be available?

The preordered Powerbeats Pro will arrive around May 10, with units popping up in retail stores around the U.S. on the same date.

They’re set to debut in the United States and across 20 additional countries at launch with additional locations added to the mix later this fall. If you’re in the market to grab a pair but they haven’t appeared in your territory just yet, don’t worry – they should be coming at a later date.

In the meantime, you can sign up to be notified via the official Powerbeats Pro website as to when they’ll become available.