PSY MC Hammer AMA Performance Video: Gangnam Style is Too Legit to Quit at 2012 AMA


Last night, Korean pop sensation Psy closed the 40th American Music Awards from Los Angeles, California, by perfuming his wildly viral hit "Gangnam Style," and adding MC Hammer to the mix who joined on stage with a mash up of his 1991 hit "Too Legit to Quit."

Fittingly, the number was introduced by Spike Lee who rightly explained the Psy phenomenon by saying that anybody can upload a video to YouTube but only the K-pop sensation has been able to rack up 700 million views in little less than two months.  

Everyone in the audience of music stars was standing, dancing and singing (to the English lyrics, anyway) in what probably will go down in history as the most enthusiastic response to an award ceremony's performance ever. 

And this is highly remarkable, given that most attendees -- P!nk, Nicki Minaj, The Wanted, among others -- have become famous going through the traditional channels of the music industry (namely, being discovered, sign a contract and record a CD). 

However, Psy is member of a different and newer group: acts who become social media sensations even before being discovered. Justin Bieber, another performer last night and the winner of Artist of the Year award, belongs to the same category. So does Carly Rae "Call me Maybe" Jepsen (as it turns out Bieber, Jepsen and Psy have the same manager). 

Watch Psy and MC Hammer's performance below: