War in Israel: Why Israel Should Not Invade Gaza


An unlikely event occurred this past week in the midst of escalating violence and tension along the Israeli-Gaza border. Unexpectedly, several world leaders spoke out against Hamas, including William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary. Hague stated that “Hamas bears principal responsibility for the current crisis.” A spokesperson for German Chancellor Angela Merkel said as much, adding Merkel felt that “there is no justification for firing rockets at Israel, which causes great suffering to the Israeli population.” 

What was not surprising, however, was President Obama’s rapid concurrence, unless you have bought into a false Republican narrative that Obama is anti-Israel. The U.S. President expressed unshaken support for Israel, correctly acknowledging that the Jewish, democratic state has a right to defend its citizens from indiscriminate violence. He is absolutely right to address the fact that no country would tolerate the onslaught of unwarranted rocket fire that Israel had to endure in the days leading up to Israel’s countermeasures.