Thanksgiving 2012: 10 Kitchen Items That You Will Most Definitely Never Need


Thanksgiving is a time for good laughs, great company, and of course, food. The kitchen is like a sanctuary, and it is where all the warm, gooey goodness that is a Thanksgiving feast becomes a reality.

While having a fully-stocked kitchen, complete with savvy gadgets makes the experience all the better, sometimes we just go overboard. There are so many tools out there that people just don’t need. Some are hilarious, and others are just plain weird.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are 10 kitchen tools that you will never find use for in your own kitchen.


1. Birchstone Studios Snot-A-Mug Egg Separator

Egg Separators are pretty useful, but just looking at this one makes me a bit queasy. With this in your kitchen, egg whites will never taste the same again.


2. Rachael Ray™ Garbage Bowl® with Rubber Foot

These bowls are specifically for garbage, and to help cut down on your trips to the trash can. Apparently, regular bowls just aren’t cut out for this job.


3. Crackpot

Sometimes cracking eggs is just too difficult.  For all those of you who haven’t figured out how to use a hard edge, here is a bowl for you.


 I have to admit that I think this these are really cool. There is a good chance that these molds will be a one hit wonder, but they would be so much more fun to eat. 


Washing potatoes has never been so cool. Apparently, my way of scrubbing them in the sink has been all wrong. These handy dandy gloves let you wipe the dirt off of your produce and then conveniently keep it stored on your gloves for the next time you feel hungry.


The name of this gadget says it all. Having stuffed hamburgers is a must, and this gadget lets you make them all day, every day.


Who doesn’t love bacon? This nifty contraption lets you skip the whole actually trying to cook the bacon part, and instead lets you just stick it in the microwave and presto, you’ve got bacon.


How many jalapeños can you really eat? I say this as a person who loves spicy food. This is not for the light-hearted.



Who knew that asparagus could be so complicated?

Making spaghetti and meatballs just became a whole lot more interesting.