Halo 4 Tricks: 5 Crucial Game Tips and Tricks


Perhaps no other first-person shooter offers the kind of repeated playability that Halo does; existing in a sci-fi world allows for creative freedom beyond anything the “realistic shooters” can offer. Of course, the reason new players are often unable to enjoy a game is because the existing competitors have become so talented that the bar for successful entry has been set abnormally high. Therefore, if you don’t consider yourself so prodigiously talented, here are the tips to keep you in the game.

1. The Three C’s: Campaign, Commendations and Challenges

The reason new players often get creamed is because they decide to jump into multiplayer immediately. The smarter decision, however, is to familiarize yourself with the game by playing the story mode (Campaign) before heading online; this will allow you to learn the controls while also attempt some Challenges and Player Commendations, specific rewards unlocked after completing certain feats.

All this will result in increased XP, experience points that act as currency to unlock more abilities and gear, thus giving you the ability to hold your own in multiplayer. Other types of Challenges and Commendations exist outside of the single player campaign and are also good sources of XP.

2. Be the Pioneer

Once you’ve gotten enough XP to go past the standard ranks in the game, you will then have the option to select from a variety of specializations, with the “Pioneer” class being most useful. This specialty accelerates your XP acquisition, an undeniable benefit in the hunt for rewards and, consequently, victory.

3. Play Spartan Ops

The story mode section of the game’s multiplayer, Spartan Ops can give players over 5000 XP with just ten minutes of play time. The other option is to only play the competitive multiplayer games that end quickly (Oddball, King of the Hill, etc.), netting you a decent amount of XP each time.

4. Memorize the launch points

Matches with strangers are infamously unforgiving, which is why it is a good idea to learn about the levels through friends. By memorizing the details, especially where each map has its launch points (teleportation ports that allow for quick elevation), you can gain a tremendous tactical advantage. Increased height means increased enemy visibility, ease of usage for sniper rifles and relative comfort of mobility, so this knowledge is absolutely crucial.

5. Keep them on foot

Opponents often gain a tactical advantage through vehicles, allowing them increased speed, offense and defense. Therefore, keeping the opponent on foot is crucial, made possible through anti-material weaponry (Rocket Launchers, Incineration Cannon, etc). So long as you learn to control these weapons, you eliminate an opponent’s vehicular advantage, and force them into a position of vulnerability. Of course, since these aren’t available in your initial arsenal (Loadout), you have to request an “Ordnance Drop,” where cases of ammunition essentially fall from the sky, bringing you goods but also potentially crushing anything in their path. Learn to master their timely drop, however, and enemies can never be considerably stronger than you.

Therefore, keeping these five tips in mind should allow you to survive even the toughest of sessions online.