FIFA 13 EA Sports: 4 Gaming Tips and Tricks to Help You Win


FIFA 13, the twentieth game in Electronic Arts’ long line of official soccer simulations, is a game that’s fundamentally similar to its previous iterations. Because of this, long-time fans are incredibly familiar with the system and newcomers often have to contend with an intimidating level of talent. Therefore, to help you make a successful entry, here are some tips to keep you in the game.

1) Play the Skill Games

Fans of the sport that are new to gaming often make the mistake of assuming that their real world knowledge of the game will allow them to immediately understand the simulation. Unfortunately, that is not the case because all the finer plays require familiarity with the controls that is completely unrelated to the sport itself. Therefore, newcomers are encouraged to spend time in “Skill Games.”

Offering 24 different tutorials in eight different aspects of the sport, this training mode is designed to help players execute their knowledge of the sport more effectively, teaching everything from simple dribbling to complicated plays. If you manage to earn all the gold medals for the various challenges, it means you now know enough of the controls to actually implement the real life strategies you have learned by watching the sport.

2) Keep Possession

Fans of the sport have always been taught that he who keeps the ball wins the game. In EA’s simulation, this holds true because most players online lack the patience to endure long periods where they haven’t scored. By simply keeping the ball, you can force your opponent to act rashly, thus giving you an option to go for the goal.

The caveat here is that, unlike the previous iterations where the ball essentially stayed stuck to at least one player, the ball here is actually fairly kinetic so keeping possession requires continuous mobility and frequent passes; if you fail to play in this manner, even the slightest collision with another player can cause loss of control.

3) Understand the Unrealistic Collision

Collisions, actually, are a bit too overpowered in this simulation. The force and frequency with which players collide is a little overbearing and works to hurt the flow of the game. Also, as mentioned before, this makes possession difficult because a player coming near you can essentially tackle you.

However, this is a part of the game so you simply have to learn to keep moving without coming in contact with other players; just keep this trend in mind as you practice and learn to run along very specific lines. 

4) Know When to Access Match Day

Match Day is an integration feature that updates the stats of your players based on their current performance in real life. So if you choose to make use of this system, make sure to check the form of your team prior to activation. Time these integrations correctly, however, and watch as your players are always in the best of form.

Follow these four pieces of advice and you should be able to keep up with even the most diehard fans and experts.