Ron Paul College Tour 2013: Retiring Libertarian Congressman Will Tour US Colleges in 2013


Retiring Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) said he is "excited about spending more time on college campuses" once he retires from Congress next year. 

The 2008 and 2012 presidential candidate, who racked up a huge millennial following with his message of adherence to the Constitution and respect for our civil liberties, plans to deliver speeches on college campuses during next year — and beyond — in order to continue consolidating his libertarian legacy among young voters into the 21st century. 

The 77-year-old obstetrician and champion of liberty told The Hill he is not ready for the rocky chair once he retires from Congress. He's fired up and ready to go and will continue disseminating the message of freedom in among college students. "College campuses will still be on my agenda. That’s where the action is," said the Texas congressman.

Paul claims millennials "don’t like the debt they are inheriting [nor] the violation of their civil liberties." His 2012 anti-war message resonated among young libertarian-leaning conservatives who don’t like the war and feel ignored by the Washington duopoly. 

The libertarian rock star said he visited nearly 36 college campuses during the 2012 Republican primary, and that he was especially surprised that the best turnout occurred at the "historically liberal bastion" of U.C. Berkeley — where Paul gathered nearly 8,500 students during his event. “The same week I went to Texas A&M, which is conservative, I got like 4,000 [students]," he concluded.